With “exploring the dynamism of economic progress” as our mission, we are committed to the exploration of the depth of the industry, walking side by side with innovators and entrepreneurs, reinforcing each other and creating values for investors.


About Yingke

Focus on "life science, dual-carbon technology and hardcore technology" and other industries, invest in more than 300 industry-leading enterprises, and build a highly collaborative industrial ecosystem.

A total volume of 60 billion yuan under asset management, among which 90% comes from first-class large institutional investors.

Anchor securely the three development strategies of "equity investment, Golden Phoenix Tree industry landing scheme, and science and technology industry group", integrate resources, in-depth empowerment, industrial collaboration, and create greater value for investors, invested enterprises and industrial economic development.

  • 300+

    invested enterprises

  • 60+

    listed/ exited

  • 90%

    entrusted fund comes from institutional investors

Insist on improvement of long-term value creation efficiency transformation

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  • Excellent performance, trustworthy

    More than 10 years' focus on strategic emerging industries and insight into the industry investment value.

    Fund return rate and project value-added exit rate in the forefront of the industry.

    M&A and IPO diversified exit modes, lasting trust from LP.

  • Take a foothold in investment research with complete risk control

    Focus on improving asset management capacity with institutional entrusted fund as the majority.

    Risk control as the long-term lifeline, and investment research as the cornerstone of our business.

    The whole life cycle project quality control escorted by "team + system".

  • Ecological empowerment and resource collaboration

    Cut into the advantageous industrial chain, pay attention to "entrance" and "chain master" enterprises.

    Committed to ecosystem creation, with strategic layout of high-potential and high-quality projects.

    Connect circle resources, empower member enterprises with highly efficient collaboration.

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  • Excellent performance, trustworthy

  • Take a foothold in investment research with complete risk control

  • Ecological empowerment and resource collaboration

Industrial recognition

  • Qian Mingfei, the 30 most influential investors in China, 2023

  • Top 10 venture capital institutions in China, 2022

  • Qian Mingfei, the leading figure of China's equity investment in 2022

  • Top 14 of China's Top 100 venture capital institutions in 2022

  • Top 10 investment institutions in China's new energy field, 2022

  • 2023 China Venture Capital Golden Eagle Award "Outstanding VC Institution of the Year"

  • 2023 China Venture Capital Golden Eagle Award "The Year's Best Exit Institution"

  • The three-year Golden Bull Venture Capital sustained excellence institution Top 1

  • China's most LP approved venture capital institution in 2023

  • China's new energy sector investment institution in 2023

  • Investment Institutions Soft Power market Impact Top 20 in 2023

  • Top 20 best investment institutions in China's carbon neutral industry in 2022

  • The most appreciated venture capital institution in 2023

  • Winner of Sustainable Development Innovation Award of Evergreen Award in 2022

  • 2022-2023 China's most LP-favored venture capital institution

  • 2022-2023 Best Investment Institution in China's healthcare sector

  • Qian Mingfei, the best investment person in China's medical and health sector in 2022-2023

  • The best venture capital institution in China's new energy field in 2022-2023

  • Qian Mingfei, the Top 5 influential investors of the Year in the 2022 For Good Awards