“Golden phoenix tree attracts phoenix”, over the years we’ve continued to implement the “Golden Phoenix Tree Industry Landing Scheme”, aiming at the integration of industrial advantages of enterprises in the ecosystem, working in joint hands with local governments for targeted recruitment of industrial projects to be implemented locally, so as to achieve the win-win situation of enterprise landing, government investment promotion and Yingke empowerment, and to promote the high-quality development of regional economy.


Golden Phoenix Tree Industry Landing Scheme

Yingke PE has invested and held more than 300 enterprises in the fields of biomedicine, dual-carbon new energy and hardcore energy technology, most of which are leading enterprises and listed companies in the Sci-Tech innovation industry. Reaching several thousand leading enterprises in the upstream and downstream segmented market, a powerful industrial ecosystem and industrial integration capabilities have been established. The enterprises in the ecosystem of Yingke are in the period of rapid development, boasting vigorous needs for expansive development and construction of production bases in different regions of China.


“Fruits” yielded in lots of places to assist local industries’ circle establishment and chain strengthening.

We’ve held several “Yingke PE Golden Phoenix Tree Industry Landing Matchmaking” meetings in places including Hefei, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Yantai, Zibo, Nanjing, Maanshan, to coordinate and facilitate nearly 100 enterprises’ landing of headquarters or new production capacities, resulting in effective impetus for local economic development.

Enterprise landing cases

  • weibiaoti4-957.jpg

    Greatpower Nickel and Cobalt Materials---high-performance lithium-ion battery precursor key raw material project with an annual output of 192,800 tons


  • weibiaoti4.jpg

    Aichong Biotechnology---production base of pet vaccine, pet medicine and health care products


  • 1-149.jpg

    Laviana Pharma---production base of GMP API and intermediates


  • weixintupian20231128151804.jpg

    Robint Robot industrial park project


  • chengmandian.jpg

    Power Up The City New Energy Shandong Branch


  • v2805d7dfed63942528314ec8006e4bd0fimgjpg.jpg

    Davinci Tech Shandong Intelligent Manufacturing Base


  • 1-485.jpg

    CRO clinical research service provider GCP Clinplus Shandong Branch